Welcome to Villgot Lokal & Mat.   


A short story about who we are and our offer.


First a little about ourselves, we are sustainability and quality engineers with more than 40 years of experience in the basic industry. And when we as owner developed Villgot wanted to take industrial thinking and sustainability as a red line in the business.


We first start with the name that really came up as the last puzzle piece in the process. The name Villgot Lokal & Mat is a game with word that summarizes our ambitions and what we want to bring about to you as a guest with us in the restaurant.


We want to be sustainable. We want to do good for the environment and increase regional growth. We do this by working with local ingredients.


We have developed the Villgot Circle to visually declare how the local product is in relation to other ingredients that are not available locally. Villgotcirkeln presents the local content as a percentage. Villgotcirkeln is also a challenge for us to find sustainable solutions, to always seek and develop new products and find ingredients from the local area. A striving forward where quality and creativity dare to meet in a perfect circle.


In order for visitors to eat and drink well, the kitchen and the bar work based on the concept; Nordic Fusion. Within Nordic Fusion, we mix local ingredients with international trends, tastes and cooking methods from other countries and cultures. Nordic Fusion consists of three components: it must be local, there must be a clear "crash" in the manufacturing method and the presentation of the product must be industrially inspired. We make it so that you as a guest feel that it is exciting and feel good during your visit with us and maybe also sleep well when you get home.

We live in the old brewery with a suitable industrial architecture and traditions from the 19th century. We live here together with other artists and craftsmen in good company. It gives us the opportunity to offer fun and exciting experiences. Why not tattoo, exercise or do some shopping before you go home.


Thank you for your visit and welcome back

Paula and Lisa, Linda and Anders

+ our talents that make it possible in





Camilla Isaksson



Daniel Mackay




Sous Chef

Thomas Johansson





Anton Johansson




Västra Varvsgatan 1 

97236 Luleå



Tel: +46 (0)920-97009


Open Hours

Sun-Wed Closed

Lunches closed at the time

Good to Go: Thursday-Saturday 16-20

Evening: Friday, Saturday 16.00-late (kitchen closes 21.30)


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